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  导语:你有写英语日记的习惯吗,英语日记也是帮你提高英语成绩的 一种方法,下面是小编给大家整理的初中英语日记范文,希望同学们以后也养成用英语写日记的习惯。



  Today is really a sunny day,I have been planing to make an excursion in the afternoon since yesterday evening. Hiking are too tiresome,so my sister said,she want to take us to Zhuhai City,that precise place maybe called Central Valley.


  Furthermore,we talked about tonight's movie, we will see the movie 'spiderman',a very famous American thriller in Hollywood.


  Moreover,i will take my girlfriend to buy some bait for the holidays' fishing day, i remember it should be on 3rd Or 4th,May.


  I am so sorry to tell you ,i could not tell what i have promised to my friends in the labours' day, i am really a forgettable guy,maybe two more three days later, some of my friends will visit me Or they will give me a buzz for a badminton game.


  For memorizing all the happy hour, I write this article for a happy note for today, 1st,May.


  Send all my best wishes to my friends.


  Sincerely yours!



  This morning, my father took me to school by bike. I sat at the back of the bike, eating a banana. After I ate it up, I threw the skin onto the street randomly.


  No sooner had I done this than I realized that I had done something bad to our environment. And maybe someone would step on it and tumble over. I must pick it up. Thinking of these, I asked father to stop. I jumped off the bike and ran back to pick up the banana skin and threw it into a roadside dustbin. Seeing this, father praised me and I felt very happy.


  In future I will protect the surroundings more consciously and think more about others.



  I got up early this Sunday morning. When I went out, I saw everything outside dressed in white. It must have snowed last night, I thought. The road was covered with thick snow, so it was very hard to walk on it. People always say that we should be more helpful to the society, so ! decided to clean the road ,up. I kept on shoveling and sweeping with a spade and broom. After 2 hours, I finished. The whole road was clean again, so it would be easier for people to walk on.



  Today, my parents were not at home, they had something to deal with, so they left me alone. I was so happy because I could be in charge in my own house, it made me feel like I was a grow-up. I wanted to give my parents a surprise, so I planned to clean the house. It was not easy to do the house chores, first, I swept the floor and took notice of every corner. And then I rearranged the messed things. I just wanted to make sure the room would be very clean at first sign. When my parents went home, they couldn't believe what I had done, they were so happy that I could take care of myself.



  Today is Saturday, the weather is very nice. I'm very happy to finally have the opportunity to go to the zoo with my parents. My parents work very hard to support the family every day, so they often do not have time to stay with me. I hope that they can accompany me to the zoo for a long time.


  Because it's weekend, there are many people in the zoo. First, we go to see some birds. There are many kinds of birds in cages, I can not tell all their names. Then, we go to visit the dolphin show, the dolphin is very lovely and its show brings everyone happiness. At the end, we go to the shop in the zoo; my mother bought me a bear doll that I like very much.


  Today is a happy day, thank you my parents to giving me a beautiful memory. I hope that they can have more time to take a break and have more time to stay with me. I love them so much.



  I used to idle away my sundays. but now i have more meaningful thing to do. one day our teacher took us to visit the welfare house. there lived the orphans.

  Some of them are of school age already. but they don't have the chance to go to school yet. so why couldn't i teach them what i had learnt in the classes on sundays? my home is close to the weffare house. wasn't it a good idea?

  When i told my teacher this, she looked at me with a yes on her face. from then on, i act as a little voluntary teacher there on sundays.


  Today, I wake up early in the morning, because it is the New Year's Day, when I go out and say hello to the eldership, they will give me the lucky money, I have receive a lot of lucky money. What's more, when I go to the street, I happen to meet my old friends, we have lost touched for many years, it is a surprise for me.



  Now I am in winter holiday, I am so happy, I can have fun with my friends. My friends and I make the deal that when the wind comes, we will go to the park and fly kites. Today the wind finally comes, after finishing breakfast, I go the park with my friends. We take out our kites, mine are butterfly, my friends are birds, all are so funny. I start to let my kite fly, but it could not, so I run faster and faster, then my kite flies, I go let go it gradually. A few minutes later, my friends’ kites are also flying. Seeing our kites flying, I feel so free. Today, I have a great time.



  When it comes to Friday, I feel good because I can have a weekend again. It belongs to me which I fully enjoy it and nothing can bother me. On the way home after work, the chilly air did not scare me away. I sensed the real winter was about to arrive. It is said that next week it will be below zero.

  The last two days kept raining all the way. Most of provinces were reported to snow. Though here it had no snow, the scene of snowflakes stirs my memory of the old time. When I studied in the primary school, I experienced the snow every year. It covered all ground. I could hear of the crisp sound from the ground when I walked the way. The trace of footprints became a cute mark in the snowing weather.

  Now it is not easy to meet the snow. Even it snows, it does not last very long. When it stops, it thaws in the next day. If you were lucky enough, you could run into the snow in the countryside. In the center of city, there is little change to see that. The city per se is such a giant oven and melts everything.

  Whatever. It turns to be cold. The news of kids who are suffering the flu dominates the medias and presses. Parents are also facing the higher infection from kids. Thus, we have to take care. Some more water and enough exercises would be a effective method to prevent us from getting a cold.

  Weekend is coming. Some guys still have to work tomorrow, it does not matter. We have the good mood so long as we keep the nice attitude to what we pursue. The bad thing is sometimes we do not know what we are doing. We are working. Right. But what exactly we are doing is the problem. That is the painful thing occupies most guys' brains. Well. Think about we do not live very long. It is a short journey on the average which is no more than one hundred years. Think about the cost of complaining which is really awful. Calm down and you are going to be fine.

  Have a nice weekend.